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The Basics of Sound Measurement

The Basics of Sound Measurement

The Holidays are upon us and I’m inspired to introduce to you a few free apps that are very useful to musicians, audiophiles and engineers.

I’ve been using the Audioools App to very good effect in my acoustical analysis work. It has many modules where you can do advanced analysis like SPL graph over time, a Dosimeter, Impulse room response, transfer function and many more very specialized and useful tools in acoustic analysis work.

But for most musicians, audiophiles as well as engineers, the basics of SPL (sound pressure level) and RTA or FFT for frequency response measurement is what is most useful in most situations like placing speakers, equalizing the room, analyzing feedback and keeping an eye on healthy sound pressure levels.

The Dynaudio Sound Meter is one such App that provides a set of useful tools to get the best out of your speakers.